Botanical Bath Soak

Botanical Bath Soak

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These herb-infused bath soaks are intentionally created to cleanse your mind, body and spirit. Relax and wash away any negative energy you may have picked up from the day. Each soak is combined with himalayan salt, epson salt, and sea salt blended with therapeutic essential oils, and dried flowers. 


Directions: Pour bath soak into warm running water. As you pour the soak set your intentions, you can say them outloud or to yourself. Let the soak sit for about 5 minutes to help dissolve the salt and then cleanse away!





    These vials are 3 for $12

    Glass vials with cork top; 4.8 Inches tall, Volume 55ml

    Ingredients: Sea salt, Himalyan Salt, Epson salt, dried lavender, rose petals, wild flowers, Essential oils such as Lavender, Jojoba, Sweet orange, and Rosemary.





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